LG AS40GWWK0.AIDA Portable Room Air Purifier (White)

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  • 374 sqft :Suitable for a Medium size room
  • HEPA : Cleans common particle allergens, needs periodic replacement
  • 280 CMH : Large rooms need higher CADR ratings to filter more air per min
    LG AS40GWWK0.AIDA White
    Product Description
    Bring home the LG AS40GWWK0.AIDA portable room air purifier and cleanse the air you breathe. With its PM 1.0 and gas smart sensors, it automatically detects the air around you, and sets the operation cycle and air flow. It rids the air of dust, harmful gases, odours and other particulate matters with its six step filtration system.
    PM 1.0, Gas Smart Sensor and Display System

    This smart sensor system automatically sets the air flow and operation cycle based on the real-time reading of the indoor smell and particulate levels. The smart display system indicates the pollution level using 6 different colors. This system detects and eliminates dust particles invisible to the human eye.

    Six Step Filtration

    The inflow air goes through this system that has filters to remove dust, micro particles, harmful gases and odours, to keep the air purified.

    Mosquito Away Technology

    This chemical- and odour-free technology uses an ultrasonic wave range to keep mosquitoes at bay, thus protecting your family from mosquito-borne diseases.

    Optimised and User-oriented Design

    It is tall enough to let a child or an adult operate it easily. It features an elegant and circular shape to save space.

    Silent Operation

    With noise levels as low as 20 dB, it keeps the air around you fresh and pure without making too much noise.

    Smart ThinQ

    Keep a tab on the air quality inside your home and control this air purifier from anywhere using Wi-Fi, thanks to the Smart ThinQ app. Enjoy fresh air instantly by turning it on before entering home. Also, it helps you check the filter's lifespan.

    In The Box
    • Cord
    • LG
    Model Name
    • AS40GWWK0.AIDA
    • Room
    Filter Type
    • HEPA
    • White
    • White
    • Plastic
    Coverage Area
    • 374 sqft
    Performance Features
    Air Flow Level
    • 280 CMH
    • Yes
    Convenience Features
    • Yes
    Display Type
    • Air Clean Display
    Power Features
    Power Consumption
    • 230 W
    Additional Features
    Other Features
    • PM 1.0 Sensor Detects and Confirms the Cleanliness According to Dust/Odor Conditions
    • 29.5 cm
    • 77.9 cm
    • 30.8 cm
    • 8.3 kg